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Stillwater, OK - est. 1890

Welcome to the DreamWidth community for current students, future students, alumni, faculty, and fans of OSU and the Cowboys!

Come on in, introduce yourself, socialize, and feel free to post about any events, organizations, issues, and topics involving OSU and the Stillwater community.

Can't find your class? Don't know where you can park? Bored on the weekend and don't know where to go? Confused about University Policy? Need to find a study partner? Can't figure out the last question on your Chem homework? --- Maybe the folks here can help.

Ask questions, start discussions, and have a good time!

  • Membership is not moderated.
  • Posting access is open to all members.
  • Post about anything relevant to OSU (all campuses) and the Stillwater Area
  • Please be polite and courteous and abide by all of DreamWidth's Terms of Use.
  • Spam posts and content deemed unnecessary, malicious, and troll-like will be deleted.
  • Co-moderators are welcome to apply!


Post a comment introducing yourself! Remember, this community can only become as active as it's members!
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Howdy all! I'll bite! I've been in Stillwater since the fall of 2002 except for about six months in the fall of '07, but we don't talk about that. I was in the Cowboy Marching Band/Spirit Bands and I'm a college football fan. Go Pokes! I'm a grad student now and hopefully I'll graduate Spring '10. Originally, I'm from the panhandle.

On Dreamwidth, I'm trying to corral [community profile] oklahoma into a usable place for people. Mostly, I use my journal for fandomy stuff which right now is mostly Supernatural but has included Stargate and a smattering of others.